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Bobby Nagra Presents

In Association With
MMM Film Finance International

An R. Paul Dhillon Production
Gulshan Grover
Sian Sladen
Remi Clair
Matt Ward
David Stuart
Casting – Candace Elzinga
Special Costume – Satnam Singh Sidhu
Cinematography – Oliver Glaser
Music – Kristopher Gee
Make-up - Ann Kruger
Editing – Kristopher Gee
Screenplay – R. Paul Dhillon
& Jessi Thind
Original Story – Jessi Thind
Additional Writing – Kristopher Gee
Associate Producers – Peter Dhillon & Hari Varshney
Production Manager – Suki Pangalia
Produced by Bobby Nagra & R. Paul Dhillon
Directed by R. Paul Dhillon
  Investor Incentives
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The DVD of Sweet Amerika Releasing Soon!

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Spinning Wheels Film Festival of Hollywood
November 2008

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Screenplay by R. Paul Dhillon & Jessi Thind With Kristopher Gee

Set in New York, Sweet Amerika is the moving story of Sikh shop owner Balbir “Bobby” Singh (Gulshan Grover), an American citizen who is kidnapped and tortured by a hateful and misguided gang of men who seek reprisals following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. 

This debut film from writer/director R. Paul Dhillon is a probing portrait of immigrant life in America that follows Bobby on his journey to find and preserve his piece of the American dream in a world where concepts like “freedom” and “democracy” seem to stand on shaky ground.

Still mourning the loss of his wife and son, Bobby finds new hope in Mina (Sian Sladen), a young, vibrant Muslim woman.  Although opposed by the Sikh community, Bobby’s love for Mina holds the key to reviving his broken spirit.

As Bobby is held captive, the days leading up to his abduction flash before us in a richly woven narrative, full of the joys and sorrows of life in America.

Will Bobby survive the night and escape the “terrorists” that now threaten his existence?

A thoughtful, provocative story filled with memorable characters, Sweet Amerika is ultimately an uplifting story that asks us to experience the colorful, and sometimes troubled, fabric of America with open minds and hearts.

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